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Worker's Compensation Investigations

Boone Investigative Services understands the high cost of Insurance Premiums due to the increase of fraudulent claims. In order to help keep these costs under control, a proactive approach by companies, is needed to combat this growing problem. We at Boone Investigative Services can provide you with the evidence needed to determine whether fraud is occurring.

Boone Investigative Services uses undercover investigators in covert vehicles to obtain video evidence of employees who are reportedly limited by medical conditions. These investigations may be limited to stationary surveillance at a subjectís residence in an attempt to capture video evidence of physical activity around the house. Mobile surveillance may be appropriate, in certain cases, which may involve following a subject to their new job site, sporting activities or just shopping at the grocery store. We attempt to determine whether the physical impairment and limitations an employee has reported, are in fact, valid.

After each case, a detailed report is completed which will describe our findings and when available, photographs and video will be included.
Worker's Compensation Investigation Forms  


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