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Surveillance is conducted in various investigations such as Adultery, Child Custody, Worker’s Compensation and Internal Theft. The two types of surveillance are described as “stationary” or “mobile” and can be conducted by themselves or in conjunction with each other depending on the circumstances of each case.

Stationary surveillance usually involves the surveillance of a particular house, restaurant/bar, commercial building or a site location such as a park. This can be accomplished with one or more investigators depending on various aspects of the case. An investigator may be in a vehicle or on foot in the area in an attempt to capture the best evidence for the case.

Mobile surveillance is much more complex. Most people have a pre-conceived idea from television or other sources, of what is involved in following someone. It is not easy! There are a variety of variables that can affect a successful mobile surveillance. It is easier to follow someone at night than during the day where someone could easily identify a certain vehicle that is following him or her. Rush hour traffic can be particularly difficult. Traffic control devises, such as red lights and stop signs where there is a high volume of traffic, can make it difficult for an investigator to remain with the person being followed. Other factors, such as the driver’s habits of speeding or making illegal turns, add to the complexity of mobile surveillance.

For these reasons, the majority of mobile surveillances are conducted with a minimum of two investigators in separate vehicles. In some instances, additional investigators would be required. Although multiple investigators can minimize the risk of losing the person being followed, certain events may arise where the subject could be lost.


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