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Pre-Employment Interviews

One of the most important things any company can do to help reduce shrink within their organization is to ensure a thorough interview is conducted with all prospective applicants. Most organizations have numerous employees who interview applicants, but are they doing adequate job? Do they ask the right questions? Do they know how to determine if the applicant is practicing deception?

This seminar will train each associate who is tasked with conducting an interview the skills necessary to pre-screen all applicants with respect to background information, prior employment, etc. to determine if this applicant will be right for your company. Additionally, this will reduce the expense you will incur conducting background checks on prospective employees who provide negative information, which would disqualify them from employment. 

You will be surprised what an applicant will tell you if you ask the right questions!

Seminar Costs:

                            1  to   5  associates:     $200.00 per person

                            6  to  10  associates:    $175.00 per person

                            11  to  15  associates:    $150.00 per person

                                                             (Class size is limited to 15)

All materials are provided.

Pre-Employment Interview Forms  


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