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Adultery / Infidelity

With Adultery/Infidelity cases, Boone Investigative Services can assist you in determining whether your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful. We work closely with the client or his/her attorney to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Undercover surveillance is conducted to monitor the activities of the person being investigated. We provide you with written documentation as well as photographic evidence when available. The use of GPS is available to be used in certain circumstances where surveillance is unsuccessful and the need arises to identify locations visited by the subject being investigated.

During the surveillance, we attempt to show “Opportunity” and “Disposition.” Opportunity is the time your spouse or partner is spending time alone with someone else, where sexual activity could be taking place. We do not need actual video/photographs of this activity. We only need to document that the opportunity existed and that the overall circumstances surrounding the incident would suggest the possibility of sexual activity. Disposition is the display of public affection. Examples would be kissing, holding hands or walking with their arms around each other.

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