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Barry L. Boone

Barry is a retired Police Officer from the Howard County Police Department after 25 years of service. He has conducted thousands of criminal, domestic and accident investigations as well as crime scene security. He is qualified in home and business security surveys and has conducted numerous surveys in the Howard County area.  Additionally, he has implemented various guard/security contracts for businesses throughout the Baltimore/Washington Metro area. He is well versed in testifying in both Criminal and Civil Courts. Barry has received specialized training in the art of Interview and Interrogation.

After leaving the police department, Barry worked as a Private Investigator for a large investigative firm. There he specialized in Workman’s Compensation and Domestic Investigations, Child Custody, Internal Theft and Security. These cases were initiated for Attorneys, local retailers and the private sector. 

Brent D. Boone
Investigative Consultant

Brent served in the United States Navy, working undercover for the Naval Investigative Service (NIS), and was a Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Virginia, achieving the position of Detective for the Vice and Narcotics Division. 

Brent has over 25 years of investigative experience, and has held numerous positions within the Retail Loss Prevention field. He has worked as a consultant for Asset Protection Specialists (APS) as the Director of Operations where he was responsible for conducting Risk Assessments and Shrinkage Awareness Training Seminars. He created and taught Interview and Interrogation Seminars to a vast audience of investigators. He is one of the founders of the Montgomery County Retail Security and LP Training School.

Brent is advanced certified in Interview and Interrogation, Telephone Interviewing, Interviewing for Leadership Skills, Diversity Management and the Detection of Deception. He has also been certified in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN). He has co-created and facilitated two in-house Interview and Interrogation Schools, Telephone Interviewing, Diversity Management Investigations and Integrity Interviewing for the Hiring Manager Courses for two fortune 100 companies. He has conducted over 3000 internal investigations and has trained thousands of investigators on the art of Interview and Interrogation. 

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